How we work

Sounds of Change facilitates trainings, workshop and community music performances on site, for people who work with children or are keen to start working with children, in the area of creative music making.

Through a "training of teachers" model and workshops, we build and improve the skills of educators and replicate promising practises to scale both the reach and impact of music on children.

  • We work with Non Violent Communication, Rock & Water, Body Percussion, Musical Improvisation, Kobranie, Songwriting, Drum Circles, Dance, Singing, Orchestra Conducting, Community Music, Garbage Instruments and Improvisation Theatre.
  • In our trainings we integrate the knowledge, experience and questions of the workshop group, to help customize towards the needs of the participants and the children they work with.
  • In combination with our exercises, theory and stories, we facilitate a process in which people will learn from each other and learn by doing: action based learning.
  • Every training period finishes with a practice session, in which all the participants will facilitate a workshop with a group of children (Action Based Learning).
  • Our trainings can be from one day to one year (or longer) depending on the needs of the group.
  • We conduct trainings worldwide.
  • The Competences we work on:


Subject Competences                                           

Creativity development                                                         

Musical competences                                                          

Transcultural competences                       

Creative Project Design


Transfer competences     

Didactic skills  

Educational skills 

Conflict Resolution skills 


Personal competences

Interpersonal competences

Intrapersonal competences

Communication skills