• Making education more fun, exciting and creative, for both the children as well as their teachers

We support teachers to be more creative in their classes and we give artist educational tools to start working with music and children (in groups)

We also empower youth to be more creatively active in their communities

Through music we give educators tools and the mindset to start working with chaos in a positive way, use improvisation and support collaboration, empathy and creativity with children.

  • Creativity is as important as literacy

"Both creativity and critical thinking have been listed as essential 21st century skillls. The world is tremendously changing and the only way to solve the big challenges that lie ahead is by using our creative minds" (Sir Ken Robinson)

 Especially for people living in challenged areas, using and developing their creative mind is a a necessity. It brings hope, opportunities, connection and empowerment. We use music to build these capacities.

  • All change and development starts with education

We believe that children have the right to be empowered and develop their full potential. Music is a proven springboard and a very powerful tool to heal the emotional wounds of war, boost creativity and stimulate compassionate communication. These essential life skills and competencies will enable children to engage and connect with their communities and build trust and confidence to work in groups and collaborate on plans and projects. By providing a safe space where children can learn and freely express themselves, they can explore possibilities and embark on opportunities for a positive and prosperous future.

  • Sustainability

To make sure that our projects are sustainable and impactful, we train educators. Through a "training of teachers" model and workshops, we build and improve the skills of educators and learn from promising practices to scale both the reach and impact of music on children.