Sounds of Change founder, Lucas Dols has worked for several NGO's in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, India, Palestine, Greece, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ukraine.

08 September 2017

Sounds of Change in Toronto, Canada


Sounds of Change trainees Nour Kaddan and Tareq Ghreri started a music program for (refugee) children (6 - 12 yrs) in Toronto, Canada. The program allows children to connect with their communities, embrace their differences, stimulate compassionate communication and cooperation. The music also boosts the creative mind, brings relief and ofcourse fun... so important for displaced children, to experience fun together with their new communities.


Sounds of Change in Canada

20 June 2017

In Arpil 2017, Marijn Korf de Gidts and Lucas Dols went to the Greek Island of Lesbos. They supported the music education program initiated by Connect by Music. Connect by Music started a music school for the children in the refugee camp Kara Teppe and faciltates music jams and workshops for adults in Moria.

lesbos music education program

19 September 2016

In 2016 we trained 10 Syrian musicians to be music workshop leaders for the children of Shatila refugee camp, Lebanon

Lebanon Music Workshop Leaders Program 2016/2017

17 February 2017

In February 2017, We facilitated a workshop week for a group of volunteers who work with refugee children in several community centres and refugee camps in and around Istanbul .

Istanbul Music Workshop Leaders program 2017

19 September 2016

In 2015, Tommy Freke and Lucas Dols designed a community music program together with Musicians without Borders. The program is called Musical Playground and reaches out to thousands of children every year in Westbank, Palestine.

Palestine Community Music 2015

02 February 2017

In January 2017 we trained a group of 16 volunteers from various non profit organisations. They mainly work in the refugee camps in and around Athens, Greece.


Greece Music Workshop leaders training 2017

19 September 2016

In March 2016 we trained a group of teachers in the Indian state of Bihar, showing them how they can easily implement music in their regular school program.


India teachers program 2016

25 September 2016

We trained a group of mainly (child) psychologists in Kiev on using music in their work with children that fled from the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine children psychologists training 2016

17 February 2017

During Christmas 2016, we facilitated a Music Workshop Leaders training in the Bekaa valley, with a group of volunteers, teachers and aid workers from the

NGO's SAWA, Women Now, Salama and Basmeh & Zeitooneh.

Bekaa Music Workshop Leaders training 2016/2017

06 January 2017

Ahmed is one of the Sounds of Change trainees, living in the Bekaa valley. From January  2017 on, Ahmed will start a choire with children from the refugee settlements in the Bekaa area.

Lebanon, Bekaa Choire 2016/2017