YEAR PROGRAM: Ruwwad community center, Tripoli (Lebanon)

We are running a year program training with the volunteers and employees of the NGO Ruwwad in Tripoli, Lebanon.

 Ruwwad Lebanon is a community development organization that works with divided communities through education for children, women empowerment programs and skills building workshops for youth. The building has two entrances, one on the Suni side and one on the Alewite side. Both communities think it is a centre for them :) . In the building is a primary school where children from both sides meet each other and learn together. The teachers and volunteers work with the children (next to the regular program) on peace building, empathy and creativity.

 Tripoli has been the scenery of a big and bloody clash (a war) between Suni and Alewite muslims, in 2008. The clash was part of a recurring conflict since 1985, between the two muslim communities, which often resulted in armed violence. Many attacks have been reported in the past 22 (!) years and the last suicide bombings in this area were only 2 years ago. You can still see many houses with bullet holes and bomb craters. In this part of Tripoli, there are many tanks and soldiers on the street, to prevent from more violence to occur.

Right in the middle of the two communities, at Syria street, there is an ngo called Ruwwad located.