With the Sounds of Change we inspire people

"The group of participants explored their musical self, their inner musical child and capacities for regression. The loss of control’s fear i.e. fear of madness is connected to fear of rejection. Adults are afraid of regression. They worry about social acceptance, social image and role. During the workshop the child in us was ready to explore without limitation, without fear of regression. The artistic value of music performances were several times on high level which would increase self confidence in participants as performers too and trust in others."

"Lucas Dols is an excellent musician with big practical experience with population of refugees in specific social settings. As a trainer, he is clear minded, self-confident and good structured in theoretical and practical presentations and explanations."

Ranka Radulovic MD PhD Psychiatrist and music therapist EMTR , supervisor of AMTS

"I enjoyed watching the youth group evolve during the 4-5 days, how they grew more confident, opened up more, lay down their guards, which is rare for some of these youngsters especially the males. I enjoyed our opening sessions (check-in) and closing (check-out) and taking the time to hear personal experiences of each of the youths."

"Especially for young males, some of their behavioral attributes/attitudes are more closed off when it comes to addressing their inner emotions, thoughts, feelings, to try to be more strong or tough from the outside when it comes to personal issues or vulnerabilities (let guards down). This changed and the group felt closer with one another, able to open up, and more excited too about working with children than before."

Alexandra Tohme, Foundation Mishwar Amal ‘Journeys of Hope’

"It helps us in having a huge package of creative tools to utilize in working with children."

"Having a new approach of working with children opens the door in front of our team to think creatively in incorporating new methods and ways in working with children with limited resources."

"The magic of using music in a session for children makes it very easy for the team to design and implement it in Psycho Social Support sessions."

Hani Al-Rstum, Program manager, Basmeh & Zeitooneh

"Sounds of Change is experienced. Although they might seem spontaneous, it was spontaneity within a very defined and structured curriculum."

Reem Haj Ali, Foundation Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya

"My biggest challenge was inside of me, because in the beginning I didn’t think it’s going to work or affect people. But with the support of the group I did it and it’s working all the time, the children are even asking for more now."

"“This training helped me to get closer to achieve my dream to start an association about social justice and equity, now I feel like I have good skills to connect with people"

Eyad, trainee Sounds of Change Lebanon

"Not only are you giving us a certificate or giving us your time, you are giving us something beneficial for our whole lives, even one day if we have kids"


Ghannam, trainee Sounds of Change Lebanon


"I was not really out there in the beginning of the training, it was challenging for me to express myself in front of people, but now I’m much more comfortable in doing that, and I learned to transform my fear to excitement."

Abu Milad, trainee Sounds of Change Lebanon

"I had great fun and time went much faster because I felt that I’m doing something meaningful, I think we’ve only just started."

Abdul Rahman, trainee Sounds of Change Lebanon