Sounds of Change are made with collaborations, we are continuously looking for smart thinkers, entrepreneurial doers or people with time.


23 November 2017
  • We are looking for an office space in Amsterdam for 2/3 Sounds of Changers.
  • For our yearly gathering of the Orchestra of Changemakers, we are looking for special venues
  • Do you know a place where we can promote Sounds of Change? For example your office, in school, during your concert, the upcoming congress and/or your party.


23 November 2017
  • To be able to continue our work in 2018, we are looking for donors and funds.
  • Our aim is to conduct at least five year programs in 2018 in Lebanon and Jordan.


23 November 2017
  • Sounds of Change offers a unique possibility for an internship for international affairs, PR or event organization.
  • We are always looking for people who like to help us with for example promotions and communication.
  • Mention Sounds of Change in your communication in your social media. Let's make Sounds of Change celebrated together.


23 November 2017
  • Two great minds think alike... We are always looking for people with knowledge.
  • Knowledge in impact, finance, international affairs, etc., etc.
  • Is your mind creative, analytic and fast working? Think with us.


23 November 2017
  • Time is scarce, we know. But every hour you are available, helps us further.
  • Let's have coffee, make some time and talk about what we can do for each other.
  • Contact us!

 If you want to share ideas, or you're going to initiate something awesome, or just want to find a way to help out >>> Send us a message!


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